Advisory Board

Golden Goliath Resouces Ltd. is currently forming an advisory Board (“AB”). The board will be composed of experts in exploration and the geology of the Red Lake District in Ontario and experts in aboriginal and government relations with mineral exploration companies. The first AB member will be Gordon MacKay. Others will join soon.

Gordon MacKay, P.Geo.

Mr. MacKay is a Professional Geoscientist who has over 25 years experience working in all aspects of mineral exploration and development from exploration technology research to mine closure and reclamation. 

He led the exploration team that discovered the Brewery Creek deposit in the Yukon, leading the project until development.  He conducted research into geochemical exploration technologies for gold, publishing papers on fine sediment geochemistry and the use of moss mats as sample medium. 

Starting in 1998 he created the mineral policy framework for Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory, establishing the Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office, the Nunavut Prospector Development Program, and the Nunavut Mineral Exploration and Mining Strategy.  He brought Nunavut to the point of being one of the most attractive mining jurisdictions in Canada.

As Ontario’s Director of Mine Rehabilitation he led all aspects of mineral exploration and mine regulation, implementing a permitting regime for mineral exploration in Ontario. He restructured how Ontario reviews mine closure plans bringing an increased level of technical expertise and credibility.

He is passionate about the potential of the mineral exploration and mining industry to bring strong opportunities and returns for shareholders while providing substantive and sustainable benefits to the people and communities associated with the projects.  He believes the onus is on the industry to develop projects that respect and protect the environment and to work with Indigenous Peoples to build meaningful partnerships that will support mineral development projects within their traditional territories.