News Releases

December 23, 2019
Golden Goliath Commissions Airborne Geophysical Survey For Red Lake, Kwai Property

December 17, 2019
Geophysical Expert Joins Golden Goliath Advisory Board

November 21, 2019
Major Gold Camp Type Structure and Shears identified on Kwai Red Lake Property

October 15, 2019
Advisory Board Member Passes

October 9, 2019
Rock Sampling, Geophysics and Mapping at Wish Ore Defines Widespread Gold Mineralization and Open-Ended Trends. Additional Claims added to property

September 10, 2019

September 4, 2019
Golden Goliathʻs Induced Polarization Geophysical Survey on the Wish Ore Property Yields Multiple Drill targets.

August 27, 2019
Golden Goliath Ground Truths IP Anomalies, gets MAG &VLF Results. Drill Targets defined by Independent Consultant

August 22, 2019
Golden Goliath Channel Samples 4.28 g/t Gold over 3 Meters and Initiates Phase 2 Work on the Wish Ore Property

August 12, 2019
Golden Goliath Defines Drill Targets On Red Lake Properties

July 2, 2019
Golden Goliath Preliminary Work on Red Lake Properties

June 20, 2019
Golden Goliath Field Crew Moves to Red Lake from Wish Ore property

June 11, 2019
Golden Goliath Mobilizes Field Crew

May 14, 2019
Golden Goliath Receives Approval for Wish Ore Property

May 7, 2019
Red Lake Expert Joins Golden Goliath Advisory Board

May 1, 2019
Golden Goliath Acquires Wish Ore Property

April 17, 2019
Golden Goliath Holds AGM

April 15, 2019
Assessment Work at San Timoteo Completed

April 1, 2019
Golden Goliath Forms Advisory Board

March 18, 2019
Golden Goliath Receives Approval for Two Properties in Red Lake District